Bendorfeanu Guest House B&B in Rasinari, Sibiu County

Located in the famous area of ​​the Mărginimea Sibiului, in the village of Răşinari, Bendorfeanu Guest House is the ideal location for a quiet holiday with family or a getaway in the mountains with friends. The proximity of Sibiu from Bendorfeanu B&B , only 10 kilometers away, gives you the opportunity to visit the Old Town, full of tourist attractions – Bridge of Lies, Bruckenthal Museum, restaurants, terraces, Theater Festival (famous worldwide), Film Festival (TIFF). 

Also, at the entrance to Sibiu from Răşinari, in the area of ​​Dumbrava Sibiului Forest, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the famous Astra Museum (the largest ethnographic museum in Romania) and the Zoo, the two attractions being next to each other. 

Păltiniş Resort, located only 15 kilometers away, offers a multitude of attractions, both for adults and children – excursions, winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, sledding, Adventure Park, all at short distance from Bendorfeanu guest house in Rasinari.

Also, just a few kilometers away are the Saxon villages of Cisnădie and Cisnădioara, famous for their medieval fortresses, narrow streets and beautiful houses.

Your comfort at our guest house B&B in Rasinari, Sibiu is ensured by peace, air quality and healthy food.

We look forward for you to have an unforgettable holiday at our B&B Guest House in Rasinari, Sibiu County.

About the Guest House B&B Bendorfeanu in Rasinari

Bendorfeanu Guesthouse was built in 2007, in the garden of Bendorfeanu’s old house, a carpenter famous throughout the area. The hotel has 3 rooms with double bed, 4 rooms with 2 beds, dining room with a capacity of 24 seats, terrace with a capacity of 10 seats. In the garden you will find a gazebo with a capacity of 12 seats, a covered barbecue and a children’s playground.

The courtyard and garden of the guest house, full of flowers and fruit trees, will remind you of childhood. The garden grill and gazebo are ready for any culinary challenge, and the sun loungers will provide total relaxation.

     Photos from Bendorfeanu Guest House B&B Rasinari


You will be able to enjoy the terrace surrounded by flowers and the fresh mountain air, the garden full of greenery and flowers at the Bendorfeanu B&B in Rasinari. At the hotel reception you will find brochures with attractions in the area, and our staff is with you every step of your holiday, for the most pleasant experience. We want you to make the best of your holiday!



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Located in a special mountain setting, Răşinari represents the ideal of the Romanian village with Saxon influences.

     Răşinari Village - more than Bendorfeanu Guest House B&B Hotel

Only 10 kilometers from Sibiu, at the foot of the Cindrel Mountains, the Village of Răşinari is one of the oldest in Mărginimea Sibiului, mentioned since 1204.
One of the main occupations of the inhabitants was and remains sheep breeding.

On the mountain tops around the village are still scattered sheepfolds, hayfields and pastures. The people of Răşinari were and remain good craftsmen. They dealt with woodworking, furriering, wool processing and textiles.

To get to know the village more closely, we recommend a walk through the narrow streets and the discovery of traditional old houses, get to know the people and local customs. You will discover the Răşinari Ethnographic Museum – focused on local traditions and customs, the houses where Octavian Goga and Emil Cioran grew up (famous romanian writers), old and newer churches, craftsmen’s houses and wooded peaks full of legends.

Due to its geographical location at the foot of the mountains, Răşinari offers the possibility of many hikes. Regardless of the chosen route, the landscape is wonderful, the paths make their way through meadows, huts and streams with fresh, cold water.

Attractions around our Guest House in Rasinari

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    Close to Răşinari

Sibiu is a city located in Transylvania, Romania. It’s known for its ancient Germanic architecture, a legacy of Saxon settlers from the 12th century. As for the city, remains of medieval walls and towers are found, including the 13th-century Council Tower. In the Upper Town, Brukenthal Palace now houses the Brukenthal National Museum with European paintings. Nearby Evangelical Cathedral has tombstones inlaid in its walls.

Ocna Sibiului lakes are the place of wonders within the mountainswhere you can find the beauty of the lakes and the wonders of natural therapy with net and mud.

Here you can enjoy the beach, sun, water and unlimited fun! In addition, you can benefit from natural treatments with salt water and mud.

Transfăgărășan is currently the second highest road in Romania, after Transalpina. Transfăgărășan (DN7C) connects Transylvania with Muntenia, crossing the strongest mountain range in Romania, the Făgăraș Mountains.

Transfăgărășan is one of the famous, most spectacular roads in Romania. It is part of the Southern Carpathians and reaches an altitude of 2,042 m (near the tunnel near Lake Bâlea).

Păltiniș Resort, located on the northeastern slope in the Cindrel Mountains, just 32 km away from Sibiu, is the oldest resort, located at the highest altitude (1,442 m) in Romania. It has cable transport and famous ski slopes.

Păltiniș resort is preferred by tourists, enthusiasts and winter sports or an outdoor walk, a weekend party here, can have the opportunity to book the Iezerele Cindrelului Reserve, then the famous glacial lakes.

Transalpina is one of the most interesting roads in our country and in southeastern Europe.Transalpina connects the historical regions of Oltenia and Transylvania and can be found over 2,000 meters above sea level, mountain princes in the Southern Carpathians. At the same time, the most important point is Urdele Pass, located at an altitude of 2,145 meters. The name Transalpina was, initially, the name of the mountain path used by the shepherds from Mărginimea Sibiului for the crossing of  mountains with the sheep flocks on their road to Wallachia.

    In Rasinari

Established in 1952, it has a collection of over 1500 objects of ethnography and folk art, illustrating elements of culture and civilization specific to Mărginimea Sibiului.

Organized in the parental house of the poet, built in the 19th century, historical monument. (Rasinari, no. 880). It is a private residence, it can not be visited.

It is a private residence, it can not be visited.

It is located next to the Church on the Hill. It was built in 1877 in honor of the great scholar and church patriarch.

(built between 1725-1758)

Historical monuments built between 1725-1758, by the same craftsmen who also built the Old Church – are found throughout the village, at cross roads

Bendorfeanu Guest House

B&B Hotel

1611 Crucii St.
Răşinari, Sibiu County, Romania

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